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Trends in marriage and fertility by race in the United States

This is a brief data post illustrating trends in marriage and fertility by race during all years for which data is available. I decided to make this post after failing to find useful charts clearly documenting this information. So I constructed the charts that I wanted by piecing together information from different publications of CDC and Census data. All of the data is (at the moment) publicly available online and all of my charts/calculations are available in a Google spreadsheet that is cited in each section.

Racial differences in relationship and childbearing patterns

The post documents racial differences in relationship and childbearing patterns. This covers a broad range of topics including racial differences in marriage rates, cohabitation rates, marital stability, marital well-being, sexual behaviors, pregnancies, abortions, fertility rates, single mother household rates, half-siblings, and more. In general, there is a typical rank-order of desirable outcomes by race/ethnicity. Asians tend to have the best outcomes, followed by whites, Hispanics, and then blacks with the worse outcomes.