Welcome to my site. I write about social issues and philosophy. My philosophical interests are primarily in philosophical domains that address normative questions, i.e. questions about right and wrong actions, justified and unjustified behavior, good or bad states of affairs, what we ought to do, etc. By social issues, I’m referring to a diverse range of fields including differential psychology, evolutionary psychology, moral psychology, behavioral genetics, etc.

This site isn’t really a blog. I primarily intend to produce evergreen content, which is content that will be updated as time passes in order to remain relevant and accurate. So this site is more like an encyclopedia (of my ideas) rather than a blog. As my ideas update, so should the posts here.

Social Issues

Research Methods

I’ve written a few posts on research methods. The concepts in these posts should be understood before reading any other posts:

Individual differences

Here are posts written on individual differences in important life outcomes such as income, crime, academic achievement, etc. Most of the posts place emphasis on the impact of cognitive ability:

Here are posts that compare the predictive validity of parental SES and alternative variables (typically offspring or parental cognitive ability) to explain offspring outcomes:

Group differences

One of my deepest interests concerns group differences in important life outcomes. The following posts analyze the patterns and causes of racial differences in socioeconomic outcomes:

In addition to socioeconomic differences, I’ve also written a number of posts on racial differences in crime:

A common theme that is present in the previously cited posts is that cognitive ability plays a central role in explaining racial disparities in important life outcomes. As a result, understanding the scope, magnitude, and causes of racial disparities in cognitive ability is of high importance. I’ve written many posts investigating this important and contentious topic:

I’ve written a few posts related to racial differences in sex, relationship, and childbearing patterns, as such behaviors are likely also central to explaining inequalities:

Finally, so-called non-cognitive and behavioral traits also play an important role in explaining group inequalities. Here are a few posts I’ve written on this topic:


I currently only have one post that is explicitly political. I hope to add more in the (near?) future:


I originally created this blog to explore and flesh out some of my philosophical beliefs. Over time, due to various shifts in our political culture, I’ve shifted the emphasis of the blog to focus more on issues in social science. I hope to return to fleshing out my philosophical views at some point in the future.

Applied Ethics

Political Philosophy

Normative Ethics